News & Events

May 10, 2014

POPcycle 2.0, Laguna Beach CA

We installed Miami Beach night club theme lighting in the spin studio room which has unique lighting patterns and designs. There are more than ten different lighting modes that are accustomed to the sound and are in sync with the music. Our client is extremely pleased and happy with our Lutron product and service.

January 7, 2010

Pato Banton & Simpkin Project, Huntington Beach CA

Pato Banton & Simpkin Project is a reggae group that wants their audience to have spiritual freedom, so we set up the lighting that is accustomed to the reggae culture. Pato Banton & Simpkin Project really enjoyed the lighting display in the background as they also fit with what they were showcasing. Also, they wanted to have a lasting effect on their audience, so we gave them our best sound entertainment that we had in stock.

December 24th and December 25th, 2009

Holy Spirit Catholic Church, Fountain Valley CA

For the festive holiday, the musical ensemble needed beautiful lights that can emphasize the joyful event. The church coordinator really appreciates the professional lighting work and also the elegant sound display.

Merry Christmas!

May 28, 2009

Unveiling of Icon Jet, Los Angeles CA

At this prominent unveiling of the Icon Jet's 737 VIP luxury aircraft at Van Nuys airport, many well-known TV personalities attended this event in hopes to see the most beautiful airplane to be ever displayed and release to the public. We installed the lighting that really made the plane stand out to everybody's eyes and also the sound in the background gave off a inspiration feeling to it as well.